We will let guests know that all poems requested will be collected in a handmade book for the bride and groom.  I will use my interview skills to collaborate with guests in creating a collection of poems crafted especially for the newlyweds.  I then hand make a beautiful book of the poems coupled with photos of the loved ones who requested them.
       This is the most unique entertainment available for a wedding.  The guests who request poems get to keep the hard copy as a gift from the bride and groom.  This interactive style of entertainment is personal to guests and ultimately to the bride and groom, as reflected in a beautiful hand-crafted book of poems, composed in celebration of their love.  A keepsake unlike any other.


          I can bring poetry and entertainment to any event.  Aside from creating poems for people, I also have a one-man, multimedia,  performance of Poems While You Wait: a presentation of stories, poems, photos and video from my twelve years of poeming.  This show is comic, deeply sincere, and is flexible in duration (twenty to seventy minutes long).

The first wedding I ever poemed: Costa Rica, 2009.  They requested a fun but formal dress.

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  1. What a unique and perfect addition to any wedding, and the book for the collected poems afterward? Brilliant. A bargain at any price.