Video and Media

Here's a short video about me and the artist housing project in New York City, PS 109

                        ME AND PS 109

Kevin Torres of Nine News did this piece for National Poetry Month 2012.  My mom loved it.

                         LINK: NINE CLIP NEWS

           Four fellas form CNN came an got a poem about the Election, two days before the presidential election of 2012.  They posted the poem the day before the election on the CNN political blog.  I was very happy to represent, what in my mind, was the only thing worth reading in that days' news.

                           LINK: CNN BLOG     

 While poeming in the subway of Union Square, I was asked to write a poem about the humans of new york.  Little did I know it was going to give me a ton of cyber attention. My Facebook page went from having 500 plus fans, to 2000 plus, most of that in a first two weeks following this post.  That to me...was amazing.

                    LINK: HUMANS OF NEW YORK
               Brandon: the behind the of Humans of New York

        Nice clip from the local independent of Boulder.

           LINK: THE BOULDER WEEKLY, Dec. 12, 2013

April 17th 2014; the Osgood Show on WCBS radio, New York.

    During the Christmas season of 2013, the Boulder Bookstore had me composing poems on their second floor.  The local boulder news came to do a story.
                                 LINK: Channel 8 News

              This is the only video I have of my one man show days.  This is my Naropa, senior project.  three days form my thirtieth birthday, and two weeks before I graduated with my B.A. in Monologue performance.  The name of the show is Tonight's the Night: now let's get naked and party with the lord.


Rosa Kim is a student at Columbia University.  Her assignment was to do a profile on someone who is making a living out of the box.  She spent a few days with me shooting video and conduting interviews.  I had tried for a couple years to get someone to create a short, or long, documentary on my life poeming.  Thanks Rosa.

                             LINK: ROSAS' PROFILE PIECE


                      LINK: Winner at Bowery Poetry Club