Boulder CO 2011-2013


 It's been a long time since I've felt
 at home, on familiar ground, loved 
  and supported, giving what I love.
  It's quietly astounding 


                           Now you see it 
                                          Now you don't
                  Anit that the way
                           Pulled a rabbit atta my chest
                     and sang a silly song
                              about barnacles
                                     and my invisible birds
                         Magic hurts sometimes
                                    ya wake up
                              and the rabbits gone
                                        just like that
                            a cloud of lingering light
                                             fading mist
                           Now you see it
                                       Now you don't
                      Everyday the sun comes back up
                                and if that anit magic
                           then just look at all the color
                    spreading out over the mountains



                Out in the open air
                 with guitar and conversation
              and wandering thoughts
                       it is easy to over look
                                  or under look
                      the birds above
                                       in the trees
                                 on the ledge
                                     chirping away
                                  their playground sounds
                        Flittering to the left
                                     swooping right
                            to change locations
                  Perhaps hes got a crush
                       birds do you know
                             or perhaps the light
                             was whispering a new tune
                               and preferred that angle
                       to listen
                                      birds do you know
                            Nobody loves the air so
                       all its voices
                                       and light
                           like birds

                      TRINA AND SHAY

              A hearty laugh
                           muscles you through
                Industrialism breeds the best synics
                       Beckett    Chaplin    Twain 
                The natural wisdom that puts a whoopie cushion
                              under the fat ass
                                       of a heavy day
                  Laugh til steam comes out your ears
                               couple of broken pressure valves
                        Laugh till you crumble on the cough
                                      like a sat on cookie
              Gravity's such a lovely thing
                        rest you down till the sun comes up
                  Loud farts start the day like a Jalopy

            Toss laughs all over this mess like confetti
                            HA   DIDA DEE  HA



              Isn't it weird how you don't fall
                      even when tequila turns it to rubber
                   you wobble on laughing
              Simple as a witchs broom
                       your off to see the wizard
                           the wonderful whisper of wind
                                 flowing through your nostrils
                        making the cranium clean as Oz
                           makes room for easy downhill dreaming
                     where everybody gets what they need
                              no money gets you all over town
                      the fat get skinny
                                  and the skinny get phat
                            no parking tickets
                                    no DUIs
                         fill er up with air
                                and let the world roll under you
                            a wizards plaything


                                                         A  RAINBOW

                                                    Look out on the porch
                                                       its the rainbow again
                                              I wondered if she's thirsty
                                           after reaching up and up 
                                              and up into the big blue sky
                                                     "Hey are you thirsty?"
                                                 and she just started giggling
                                              and a whole buncha butterflies 
                                           came out of her head
                                             and she said, I been drinking rain
                                     and eating sun rays all day
                                           I was just resting
                                      But come on 
                                             let's go get some blue
                                        I know where there's a whole bunch
                                                   Here, jump on my back
                                                            and hold on
                                                        It's rainbow time


                                              A SPRINGTIME POEM

                                                         A NOTE TO JENS I


my bride, at home in vermont

                               SMALL ROYAL TYPEWRITERS

                      Every small typewriter I ever met
                                     had a spark of royalty
                            The first
                                 and my only queen
                            is Mighty Little        
                                        Corona 1917
                                She's so ticklishly ready
                              little Shirley Temple
                                     with a song
                              and a tippity tap dance
                                 across the smile of America
                             Sturdy as a Diesel
                                         wordy as Kerouac
                          with that sweet girlie smile
                                   Real heart melters
                                          them little Royals


  1. Mr. Keys, A few weeks ago in Boulder, I gave you only a little information for a poem because the person I wanted it written for was nearby and very depressed (you may remember me because you thought I was thinking of President Obama!). I didn't have you read the poem out loud for the same reason as above. When I later read the poem, I was astounded at how beautifully you captured the issue I briefly conveyed to you and how much I will always cherish your poem. I have close connections with the publishers of a new and exciting small book of stories and poems, and would love to show them your work with the possibility of their publishing some of your poems. May I ask them if they are interested and get back to you on their answer? Whatever your decision, thank you so much for the heartfelt and insightful poem you wrote for me that day. I am "amazed" by your talent. Peace and love, AJ

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, please share my poems, any of them with said publishers. Because you were being so vague about it, I later assumed it may have been for you. No matter really, I'm just so glad it spoke to your heart. Thank you for asking for it.

    Many blessings
    Bill Keys

  3. Sorry for being vague; I just need the publisher's okay first to make it public. I'm also sorry for the delay in replying. I will call them tonight and get right back to you!

  4. Contact made! I'll post the details at your gmail address, AJ